Physical Therapy Team

Brenda and Amy

These are the physical therapists who helped my dog walk again. On the right is Amy, whose therapy from February to April 2004 helped Katie take her exciting first steps toward walking. On the left is Brenda, who began working with Katie when Amy was getting ready to go back to school, and continued through 2008.

I was worried when I learned Amy was going back to school. Amy had been working with my dog for several months and was making so much progress. She had spent many sessions bent over in the treadmill helping her take steps, keeping her legs from crossing, and doing balance board and ball exercises. We were just to the place where she had taken a few steps in the PT room after getting out of the treadmill a couple of times, and it did not seem like a good time to change therapists.

It could not possibly have worked out better. My dog loved Brenda, and Brenda had a gift for understanding how to help her achieve her best. She worked with her for months until she was really walking, and then continued to think of ways to keep therapy interesting and help her improve even more in the years that followed. I continued taking my dog to PT twice a week even after she was walking again, because she loved it so much and it was good for her.

Thanks to Katie's physical therapy team, she went from being a paralyzed dog with no deep pain sensation for months following surgery, to a dog who could walk and run again.